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How to Integrate UVC LEDs into Your Water Product Design

Klaran UVC LEDs

By Klaran

All water distribution systems- from faucets to water coolers to industrial beverage machines- must be designed with clean water in mind. Traditionally, manufacturers have offered options such as traditional UV lamps and microbial filters for disinfection, but these technologies can require time and resources to maintain. For instance, lamps are prone to unpredictable lifetimes (often no more than six to 12 months before needing to be replaced) and when left on, the water can warm and scale the build-up of bacteria. Filters are also prone to unpredictable lifetimes (anywhere from three to 12 months), and can clog easily.

UVC LED-based reactors, on the other hand, offer point-of-use disinfection with higher reliability in the field and longer lifetime, resulting in lower service and operational costs. For instance, Klaran UVC LED reactors only need to be replaced after a certain volume of water is dispensed from a cooler, which often takes years or can even last the entire lifetime of the water device.

There are two primary ways to integrate UVC LED technology into your products. The first is to build a reactor directly into the water cooler or dispenser. The other approach is to develop an accessory or add-on feature to an existing product design. A distributor’s existing customer base and investment in cooler units are often its most valuable assets, and when making a long-term investment in a piece of equipment, customers want to get the full value out of their devices before replacing them. Therefore, having a UVC LED water hygiene accessory that integrates with existing cooler base is a compelling option.

Adding features to any product can often mean adding materials and expanding the product footprint. However, UVC LED reactors are small enough to integrate directly into existing designs or incorporate into an accessory or retrofit kit offering for existing equipment designs, which saves on R&D costs and time to market. Our team of Application Engineers work closely with distributors and their OEMs to help integrate UVC LED reactors into their current and future product lines to ensure every manufacturer can offer customers safe, reliable water purification.

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