A Breakthrough in Combating Water, Surface and Airborne Pathogens: Crystal IS Launches Klaran LA—The World’s First and Only 100 mW, 10,000 hour, 265 nm Germicidal UVC LED



Crystal IS, a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei, has launched Klaran LA®—the newest addition to its industry-leading Germicidal UVC LED product line. Klaran LA® represents a breakthrough in higher performance, and extended lifetime.

“It’s a game-changing innovation in performance for our partners as they seek to integrate more effective, longer-lasting, and more cost-effective UVC disinfection into their product lines and systems.”
Eoin Connolly, President, Crystal IS
“The Klaran LA offering of 100 mW, available in quantity at $0.10 per mW and in the ideal germicidal range of 260–270 nm continues to demonstrate the power of Crystal IS’ proprietary Aluminum Nitride substrates; high yields of high output devices at deep UV wavelengths,” said Eoin Connolly, President.

Klaran LA’s performance has been achieved via enhanced in-house product innovation and features a more efficient lower forward voltage. Consistently enhancing output within the ideal germicidal range is a testament to the Crystal IS engineering team and Asahi Kasei's commitments to innovation and leadership in the field of high output UVC LEDs.

“Crystal IS’s expanding portfolio of products are aimed at replacing low-pressure mercury lamps in consumer and commercial applications that depend on reliable and effective disinfection performance.” said Connolly, “We want the Crystal IS name to be synonymous with quality, reliability, and a commitment to real disinfection products that improve life and living. Our rigorous testing of thousands of Klaran devices and ISO 9001 quality system provide the data-driven proof in the reliability and performance of our Klaran products.”

To request samples, talk to a representative, or learn more, visit booth 05.230 at AquaTech Amsterdam 2021 or visit cisuvc.com.

About Klaran

The Klaran product line leverages the unique properties of Crystal IS’ Aluminum Nitride to provide premium germicidal UVC LEDs and associated modules to treat water, air, and surfaces for healthcare, consumer appliances, and commercial water treatment.

As the leading choice for the world’s top appliance and equipment manufacturers, Klaran offers an international, award-winning team of application engineers to provide hands-on support for prototyping, testing, and validation of its UVC LED solutions.

To learn more about Klaran UVC LEDs visit klaran.com.

About Crystal IS

Crystal IS, an Asahi Kasei company and ISO 9001:2015 certified, is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of Aluminum Nitride substrates. Aluminum Nitride’s wider bandgap capability means that devices grown on Aluminum Nitride can more effectively (technically and economically) emit at the deeper ultraviolet (UVC) wavelengths than devices grown on sapphire. Crystal IS products are used to produce high-performance UVC LEDs for environmental monitoring and disinfection in a variety of applications that enhance and sustain life and living around the world. For more information, visit cisuvc.com

Contacts: Britt Hafner, Crystal IS
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