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Klaran SA Series UVC LEDs 260 to 270 nm wavelength

Klaran SA UVC LEDs provide ultraviolet (UV) light in the ideal germicidal wavelength range to ensure consistent, reliable inactivation of viruses and bacteria. These compact devices are designed for effective disinfection in applications needing a uniform coverage of UVC radiation.

  • UVC LED peak emission between 260 nm to 270 nm
  • Available with > 30 mW power output
  • 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm Surface Mount Diode (SMD) package
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Klaran products emit ultraviolet light in the peak germicidal wavelength range of 260 nm to 270 nm. This provides more effective and consistent anti-microbial performance. Product designs that use LEDs in the ideal germicidal range require less total UVC mW output, electrical power, and thermal management than longer wavelength LEDs.

The power output of Klaran SA is ideal for applications that require an array of multiple LEDs to ensure uniform disinfection performance across a surface area.

The performance and cost effectiveness of Klaran SA UVC LEDs enables mercury-free disinfection for sustainable products and designs.