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UVC LED Modules 260 to 270 nm wavelength

UVC LED integration solutions for product designers

Modules make it easier for you to integrate UVC LEDs by providing LEDs on a PCB.

  • UVC LED emits 260 nm to 270 nm wavelength
  • Klaran LEDs on standard or custom metal core PCBs


Crystal IS and its module partners make it easier to add air treatment and surface disinfection capabilities to your products by providing UVC LED modules for prototyping and production. Several standard modules are available for immediate use. We also offer the ability to support custom application specific designs. 

Available Module Features

  • Klaran LEDs on metal core PCBs
  • Application specific dosage design
  • Secondary optics for focused beam patterns
  • On-board integration of power electronics
  • On-board integration of thermal monitoring
  • Pre-applied thermal interface compounds

Crystal IS
Module Partners


AUDAX Electronics offers standard and custom modules with Klaran WD UVC LEDs on metal core PCB. From their facility in Brazil, AUDAX provides fast response times and cost-effective, high-volume PCB assembly.


LEDiL provides a range of silicone secondary optics validated for beam focusing of Klaran WD UVC LEDs. As the largest secondary LED optics supplier, LEDiL provides trusted optics to achieve ideal beam patterns that improve cost efficiency and performance of UVC LED systems.


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