The Basics of Disinfection Using UVC LEDs

Rajul Randive

Rajul Randive

Director of Application Engineering

The use of UV light for disinfection is gaining popularity over chemical disinfection in a variety of industries including healthcare, consumer appliances, food & beverage, and lab water. The increased popularity is driven in part by the availability of high-performance UVC LEDs which show progress in power output and device lifetime.

UVC LEDs provide designers with a more effective germicidal light source; more design flexibility (which leads to better systems); and reduced cost of ownership for the end-user.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The basics of UVC LEDs and their benefits over other methods of disinfection
  • The basics of UV disinfection (including log reduction and dosage requirements)
  • Common target microbes for these applications

Examples will be provided for both low flow water disinfection and surface disinfection applications.